July 29, 2009

heat wave good-bye please

It doesn't get hot in Eugene, like it is now, very often. The tomato plants enjoy it but me, not so much.

I am staying inside with the a/c. Getting ready for backpacking trip #2. Berley Lake...

Happy Wednesday.

LK, I heard about your purse. I am sooooooo sorry. :(


July 20, 2009

Ro Cat

Thought it would be fun to post pictures of Ro's development. Ro was adopted from the Oregon Human Society in Portland on December 6, 2008. I found a picture of her online and just had to meet her. Alan and I were going up to see Zoo Lights so it worked out pretty well, only a couple hiccups.

When we got there we did not see her on the floor. We asked a staff person and they brought her out for us into a seperate room. Man, she was ugly! She had an eye infection, weighed only 3 lbs 9 oz at 2 1/2 years old, she was shaved on 3 of her legs, her tail, and her body hair was short, and she had all the stomach stitches from her surgery. The people that brought her in, found her on the street. She had a prolapsed uterus, bad eye infection, and was really underweight.

Since we have had her, she has improved soooo much! We went ahead and decided to get her a 'nose job' because she was a mouth breather. It was so sad, you could hear her from several rooms away. She was still underweight and wasn't able to play for very long before getting winded. Because of the shape of her soft palette, she has a hard time eating too.

I am happy to report that she is over 6 lbs and can play as long as she likes. I miss some of her sounds but she is healthy and that is worth more than any pig snort.

Anway, here are some pictures... (from the picture on the Oregon Humane Society's site until today, look at her tail now!)

July 18, 2009

New look for summer

The blog broke a little and I decided to find a new design to fix it. :)
Here are some pictures of my current knitting projects.

July 17, 2009

Zoom, Zoom

Well, we are back. I have been knitting and driving and visiting. I finished the first of my Mrs. Beeton's wristlets and I have already started on the second one. I also have a good 4 inches of my Jane sweater done. I will get some pictures soon.

I am moved into Alan's place but we still have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do. We gave Ro her summer hair cut and man, she looks ridiculous. :)

Pictures from our recent travels are here.

Hope your summer is going well.