December 31, 2012

Oh what fun it is to...

The end of a year. Thankful, check. Christmas, check. New needles (A whole set of lace interchangeable! Thanks dearest Alan), check. Fun in 2012, check.

Not much to report from here in SLC. We had a lovely dusting of glittery powder today. Tiny guy is doing well. Keeping us on our toes. Considering the new year is in about 30 minutes I wanted to work on my list of 33 by 33. I might not even finish this list before I turn 33 but I'm working on it!

  1. Hike to Delicate Arch (May 5, 2012)
  2. Run/walk a 10k
  3. Dancing lessons
  4. Make a croquembouche
  5. Travel internationally while little man is still 'babe in arms'
  6. Knit more. Knit a sweater. The first one I finish will be for Alan. :)
  7. Music or singing lessons
  8. Cook from 1 cookbook, all the recipes OR make 1 recipe from every cookbook. Document it and photograph it. Then post about it!
  9. Swim. I've never taken lessons and I dislike water. I just need to do it. Get it over with. Swim like a fish.
  10. Learn to knit two things at a time. Useful for gloves and socks... 
  11. Take a Fair Isle/Intarsia class
  12. Visit Bryce Canyon 
  13. Visit the Grand Canyon
  14. Visit Glacier
  15. Take tiny guy camping
  16. ?

December 2, 2012

Off the needles

I finished this a while ago but still don't have very good pictures. I took a class at Blazing Needles for this and it was really fun. The sweater turned out really great. I'm sad that little man won't be able to wear it long because he is growing so fast.

This picture was taken at Brighton. We wandered around and even got to see a baby porcupine wander around too. It was super cute. 

The sweater pattern is Baby Sophisticate. The yarn is superb and I'd knit everything with it if I could, Tosh Vintage by madelinetosh in the colorway Cove. This took a skein and another quarter of one and it is the large size.

We are here just trying to get over a rash of colds. And we are also packing. Little man is about to fly for the first time. Alan and I are excited and nervous. We are packing for warmer weather. Scotty watch out, here we come!