August 29, 2008

just an update from the islands

Travel blog is here.

Pattern is submitted.

We found the camels.


All is sunny. Later.

August 19, 2008


Time again for me to travel... An update on the past 2 weeks...

Knitting: Pattern is coming along. Examples are knit and photo shoot happens tonight. I will type this one up while relaxing on a beach in the Canary Islands. How often do you get to say that?

Eating and enjoying life: Scandinavian Festival has come and gone. Alan and I did make it there and found a feast of tasty treats. Aebleskivers, rosettes, meat pies, caramel apples, kettle corn... mmm. Makes me want to bake!

I will be blogging on the travel blog so... catch you later alligator. I am off to ride a camel.

August 5, 2008

oh my ears!

So, I have been busy with icky life stuff and work but I have managed to get in a couple trips to Portland for some music. July 19th at the Aladdin Theater in Portland we had the opportunity to see Blind Pilot and Aimee Mann. Blind Pilot is the best opening act I have ever seen. I even downloaded their album from iTunes. Go check them out! September 3 at Sam Bond's!

This past Sunday I went to the Crystal Ballroom for the first time to see The Faint and I will definitely go back. Very cool venue. The show... well. The first opening act was Shy Child. Not memorable but not incredibly awful either. The second opening act was Jaguar Love. OMG. AWFUL. SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL THEM TO GET A REAL SINGER BECAUSE I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE WHO CAN PLAY MUSIC CAN HAVE THAT GUY STAND IN FRONT OF THEM AND SCREAM AND SCREECH. He kept flicking his hair around like he had fleas or was trying to imitate Steve Tyler... Bleck. Seriously. I was so happy when they left the stage. The people behind us were screaming 'you f**king suck!' No very nice but making us sit through that excruciating experience wasn't nice either.

The actual band we went to see just rocked. The Faint. GO SEE THEM. Get their music. Love 'em.

Oh, the links to my patterns are fixed. Sorry about that. I am working on writing up another pattern. Knitty is my goal. Cross your fingers!

August 1, 2008

I'm back!

Well... I have been back a while but it has taken me time to adjust and well, blogging everyday in Europe was enough. If you want to read about the trip you can here. Pictures of the trip are here.

These days I am busy with work and friends but my next big trip with Alan is coming up at the end of August. We are off to the Canary Islands. My goal is to ride a camel!

A big hug goes out to the folks at A Photo a Day from Planet Earth for selecting a photo of mine to feature (third one!). It is from the big trip and Paris was my favorite.

Tomorrow night is the big Stitch and Pitch here and I will be knitting away as the Em's play their hearts out. BBQ and ice cream on the menu... mmm. It will be good to have designated knitting time because I have't been very good about it this summer. I still have one more pair of arm warmers to knit and then I can move on to my projects. I do have a plan for a Knitty submission but I am still working it out.

If you want to see some of my other favorites and pics from the Crab Feed at Marche Provisions (months ago) and the big trip, you can scroll through a select group of photos here. There is a photo of me staring at the most beautiful orange sunset in Venice. That is all for now. Thanks for the nudge Sarah. Hope all is well with you, M, F, and cats.