August 5, 2008

oh my ears!

So, I have been busy with icky life stuff and work but I have managed to get in a couple trips to Portland for some music. July 19th at the Aladdin Theater in Portland we had the opportunity to see Blind Pilot and Aimee Mann. Blind Pilot is the best opening act I have ever seen. I even downloaded their album from iTunes. Go check them out! September 3 at Sam Bond's!

This past Sunday I went to the Crystal Ballroom for the first time to see The Faint and I will definitely go back. Very cool venue. The show... well. The first opening act was Shy Child. Not memorable but not incredibly awful either. The second opening act was Jaguar Love. OMG. AWFUL. SOMEONE NEEDS TO TELL THEM TO GET A REAL SINGER BECAUSE I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW PEOPLE WHO CAN PLAY MUSIC CAN HAVE THAT GUY STAND IN FRONT OF THEM AND SCREAM AND SCREECH. He kept flicking his hair around like he had fleas or was trying to imitate Steve Tyler... Bleck. Seriously. I was so happy when they left the stage. The people behind us were screaming 'you f**king suck!' No very nice but making us sit through that excruciating experience wasn't nice either.

The actual band we went to see just rocked. The Faint. GO SEE THEM. Get their music. Love 'em.

Oh, the links to my patterns are fixed. Sorry about that. I am working on writing up another pattern. Knitty is my goal. Cross your fingers!

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  1. Glad you're back! I enjoyed seeing some of those Europe pics...and off again so soon? Must be nice to be single (as in not married with children), foot-loose and fancy-free! Enjoy your travels! I'll be thinking of you while I plod through my syllabus preparation in anticipation of classes. Ugh!