August 1, 2008

I'm back!

Well... I have been back a while but it has taken me time to adjust and well, blogging everyday in Europe was enough. If you want to read about the trip you can here. Pictures of the trip are here.

These days I am busy with work and friends but my next big trip with Alan is coming up at the end of August. We are off to the Canary Islands. My goal is to ride a camel!

A big hug goes out to the folks at A Photo a Day from Planet Earth for selecting a photo of mine to feature (third one!). It is from the big trip and Paris was my favorite.

Tomorrow night is the big Stitch and Pitch here and I will be knitting away as the Em's play their hearts out. BBQ and ice cream on the menu... mmm. It will be good to have designated knitting time because I have't been very good about it this summer. I still have one more pair of arm warmers to knit and then I can move on to my projects. I do have a plan for a Knitty submission but I am still working it out.

If you want to see some of my other favorites and pics from the Crab Feed at Marche Provisions (months ago) and the big trip, you can scroll through a select group of photos here. There is a photo of me staring at the most beautiful orange sunset in Venice. That is all for now. Thanks for the nudge Sarah. Hope all is well with you, M, F, and cats.

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