February 27, 2013

Seams, bits, and pieces

I have knit all the pieces of the sweater. All that is left is the class on Sunday where I think we will pick up stitches to knit the collar. YAY!!!!! It isn't perfect but it turned out pretty good.

I am working on seaming all the pieces together, this page on seaming is helpful.

All the pieces are knit, now seaming!

I have a couple of classes coming up, magic loop and a sock class. I have a couple of hive hats and a gift on the needles still.

And in baking news, I think I will make a batch of Roma's cookies, I just got the cutest cookie cutter in the mail from Fancy Flours.

February 18, 2013

Go Fish!

We just spent the afternoon at the Living Planet Aquarium and we loved it! For being land locked in Utah it was quite a set of exhibits. Alan and I used to go to the Newport Aquarium and now we have one here to visit. The price of admission isn't too expensive and membership is just about the price of going twice so we signed up as members so we could take smiler any time. He had so much fun! He kept going 'ooohh' and 'aaah' and signing fish. It was hilarious. They even have a petting tank and he got to touch a gray smoothhound shark and round sting ray.

Afterwards we stopped for a frosty at Wendy's. :)

February 8, 2013

Row, row, row your... sweater

Back done to the arms AND the two front pieces are only 25 rows from the arms! This might just be a sweater!
The second class for the sweater I'm working on is Sunday. I've 25 more rows and my home work is finished. I think we will be learning to graph the armholes or something on Sunday. The picture is of the back piece and the two front pieces.

It has been hard knitting because everyone in the house is under the weather. Coughing, sore throats, runny noses... Blah. Just when we were over the awful colds we had in December. Thank goodness for the weekend.