February 27, 2013

Seams, bits, and pieces

I have knit all the pieces of the sweater. All that is left is the class on Sunday where I think we will pick up stitches to knit the collar. YAY!!!!! It isn't perfect but it turned out pretty good.

I am working on seaming all the pieces together, this page on seaming is helpful.

All the pieces are knit, now seaming!

I have a couple of classes coming up, magic loop and a sock class. I have a couple of hive hats and a gift on the needles still.

And in baking news, I think I will make a batch of Roma's cookies, I just got the cutest cookie cutter in the mail from Fancy Flours.


  1. Blocking looks great!

    Are you in the sock secrets class? I'm doing that one.

    - Leo

    1. Ah, not yet. I have never knit socks so I figured I'd sign up for the easy one first. :)