January 23, 2012

Shiny Stars

Christmas has come and gone. A new year too. 2012. I had made a promise to myself that 2011 would be a year of focus. Little did I know that I would really need to focus, on myself. Starting in January, we were pregnant. Alan and I spent the next 9 (and a half) months watching what I ate, walking a lot, and focusing on getting a house. Once we found a house, we then had to get it in tip top shape. There was much construction and a lot of painting (thanks to the Morris Painting and General Construction Crew)! Without Ken, Paula, Brian, and Shirley, we would not have the house we have now. A big THANK YOU to them. We were finally able to move in the day before the baby's due date.

The due date didn't matter because the baby, Franklin Oliver Morris, decided to wait another couple weeks for an official eviction notice. And then we had a tiny guy... lots of tears and not just by Frankie. I spend my days extremely focused now, on our tiny guy. He is almost 4 months old and laughing, wiggling, and he has rolled over once. We are looking forward to crawling and solid foods.

So, after a year of focus, what could I hope for in 2012? I have thought about this since the start of January and I think that what I want more of in my life is fun. Finding/buying a house is not the kind of fun I mean. Pregnancy/labor not really fun, scary is a better description. I want the fun that makes you smile and laugh. I want to take dance lessons and laugh about it. I want to meet people with similar interests in food/sweets and laugh about it over crazy meals. I want to travel to see family and friends and laugh with them when they meet Frankie.

That is the goal of 2012. FUN!

I have been following a cousin's blog, Natalie (Alan's cousin but I'd like to call her my own) and I like the idea of starting a list of things to do before a certain age. I'm going to start compiling a list of 33 before 33. I like 3. It is a good, odd number. So if you have suggestions of what should be on my list leave a comment. Until next time, I leave you with pictures of my Black Forest Cheesecake. I love the silver and gold edible glitter stars.

Cheers to 2012.