April 28, 2012

Orchid Show

We went for a quick trip a couple weekends ago to the Red Butte Garden's Orchid Show. It was a lovely day. I hadn't used my big camera in a while so I'm a little out of practice.

And as luck would have it, one picture was featured on Photo a Day From Planet Earth...

April 24, 2012

Tiny nestler

I've been trying to meet people my age with the same interests (baking and knitting) so I signed up for some classes (French Macarons and Knitting a Fitted Sweater). I should have learned that this wasn't possible when the birthing class and the baby sign class didn't pan out... anyway, I'll post more on the classes later.

Frankie will be company enough for now... Aroon and Aarthi are visiting soon (yay Moab!) and dear C from Eugene will appear for a weekend of girl time, bubble tea, and cupcakes.


April 19, 2012


We are enjoying the spring weather. Tulips, sunshine, birds at the feeders, and music. I think little man might like mom's choice in tunes...

April 15, 2012

Take a dip...

It was National Cheese Fondue Day on April 11th. We did this fondue night a couple weeks ago but just remembered. We had fresh, crusty bread (french and rye) and organic strawberries from Liberty Heights Fresh. The cheese was some bagged mix we found somewhere and I regretted not making it myself.

This fondue pot is really fun. I plan to use it more and next time, a CHOCOLATE fondue party!

April 12, 2012

Reaching for the...


It is pouring out. I should be baking!

April 8, 2012

April 5, 2012


We are back from our road trip to Montana and I will post on that soon.

Frankie is officially 6 months old (last Friday). He is laughing, crying, full of raspberries, rolling back and forth, and now he is rocking a bit on his hands and knees. He zooms in his walker and now jumps in a jumper. I swore I wouldn't have a million toys all over but anything that keeps him smiling helps. We had his check up on Tuesday and he is perfect (according to the doctor, not just me!). He is 25th percentile for weight and head and 97th percentile for height. Tall baby!

We were given the go ahead for food so we tried pears and oatmeal. We also tried a mango chunk in a netted holder. He made horrible faces for all three. He also has his own sippy cup now but hasn't figured out how to use it yet. He is riding in the stroller without the car seat too.

No baking or knitting to report on. No Easter plans either.

April 1, 2012

Food from her frontier

So, I ordered this cookbook from Amazon. The new one from Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, called Food From My Frontier. It looked great at first glance. Then I started my page by page reading and suddenly found a weirdness.

I read the ingredients for homemade glazed donuts and then went to read about the process only to find the process for what looks to be pancakes... confusing. THE BOOK WAS MISSING PAGES 9-22!

I was annoyed and didn't even finish looking at it. I sent it back to Amazon. It was certainly colorful. Maybe I'll reorder it some day.