October 15, 2008

a new look

Well, I accidentally deleted my blog template. I didn't have a backup. Hello new look. Pictures in title bar and of my self are courtesy of Alan. Thanks.


Enjoy some recent pics from my baking and outdoor adventures...


I am moving again. Pictures will be posted when I have them.


FINALLY finished both sets of arm warmers... I started on a shawl for the craft fair. My goal is to have 4 done and some pictures framed... We will have to wait and see.

To do: learn to knit two items at the same time on circular needles

October 7, 2008


Well. My apartment was robbed yesterday. The person stole my laptop, Nintendo DS, external HD, DVDs, CDS, etc... wow. Thanks. You now are the proud owner of a laptop that is worthless (5 years old) and photos from my grandfather's funeral.

In the middle of an apartment complex in the middle of the day...

If anyone in Eugene, Oregon comes across an old, dented Apple G4 12" I am offering a small reward for return of the photos and/or laptop.

Mondays rock. Seriously.

October 1, 2008

to the theater

Heading to Ashland this Friday to see a play. Finally, I have lived here 10 years and have never seen a play there. I'll be staying at a B&B for the first time too. The play is Comedy of Errors.

I haven't had much free time to knit but those arm warmers will be finished soon. I need to move onto preparing items for the craft sale at work. That is only a couple months away!

I wanted to let you know a friend of mine just started a new site. Bikepacking.net. Check it out.

Blind Pilot made it to CA, riding bikes with their instruments... hee, hee.

I have already made a stuffed pumpkin, roasted the seeds, and wore a turtleneck. Happy October!

Oh, don't forget that Bitty Boo has been out in the world one year!