November 30, 2007

In the end, what is there?

30 posts later and what do I have to show for it? Well, I can say that I read more news this month than I have in a long time. Some news was good but most was bad. Did I post deep dark thoughts and feelings to make the blog more interesting? Nope. Will I ever? Maybe...

What is it that makes people spill their guts to the faceless online community? Are we just polluting the internet with useless garble? I have read some funny and interesting blogs this month. I feel almost like I am spying. I've read about people who have had their blogs plagiarized and laughed... is nothing sacred? It is as though you have taken someone's diary and copied it, claiming it yours... why? What do you get out of that?

Will I continue to post at this rate? Maybe, it is something consistent in this hectic world. Funny that my last post for this month is an obit. I am from a rough and dirty little town, Butte, Montana. People there don't have much but they do a lot with what they have. Evel Knievel had guts and with that he entertained many. He will be missed.

Quote 30: I'll be seeing you around...

NaBloPoMo: Last day. Last post. Thanks for the motivation.

November 29, 2007

some one bring me a bucket...

not really... I am not sick but my back has been killing me, think I pinched a nerve. My PT will yell at me again I'm sure... well, enough about me.

The news today was once again the news. Some guy won the lottery and he wasn't supposed to be gambling. Seems he plead guilty to unarmed robbery and part of his sentence was to "not gamble, purchase lottery tickets or visit an establishment where gaming is conducted, including restaurants where Keno may be played." That just figures. $1 million dollars. No word on what will happen but the whole thing just sucks.

Quote 29: I will miss you. And your very slow typing... and your very bad driving.

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November 28, 2007

something fishy...

So in the news today I read that RJ Reynolds is going to stop printing ads in newspapers and magazines...

Very suspicious... what will they do instead?

I've got to do a hand sketch of a design to make it more understandable and I am working on a new pattern... I am almost done with the prototype...

Quote 28: This is nothing compared to the twig of '93.

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November 27, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

I am feeling a bit blah and wishing I had the weekend to sleep. I don't so I will eat some protein and vitamin c and be on my way.

Finally an update on my knitting... I finished the body of the turtle. I don't know that I stuffed it enough though. I think it looks funny so I've got to hurry and finish his limbs and shell. Then he'll be a real turtle. No lie.

News today made me a bit cranky. Word on the street is that Mr. Carson Daly is breaking ranks and taping new shows. *waving finger* That is bad man, very bad. Not funny at all and your a funny man. Unions are not what the used to be and it is worse when you break solidarity... just my opinion...

My quote of the day is a bit different today. Sorry Facebook, you just suck.

Quote 27:
" ... Facebook originally planned to give its users the ability to permanently opt out of having their private purchases made public on Facebook. Facebook evidently removed that option just before launching the new privacy-invading feature. Facebook users who are aware that their private purchases on other websites are being made public on Facebook must now opt out site by site, week by week, month by month. There is no permanent opt-out option -- let alone an opt-in policy."

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November 26, 2007

all I want for Christmas...

sorry, no teeth. I still have all mine. I am loving that HP is coming out in the 5 year set on blu-ray. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

If you need a good chic flic/date movie, go see Enchanted. Very girlie.

News for the day is just another reason to check that your doc/nurse uses new everything when you are being poked and prodded.

NaBloPoMo count down end begins: 5 days left

Quote 26: I have had people walk out on me before, but not when I was being so charming.

November 25, 2007

Football can be depressing...

So the Ducks lost again. More injuries and I'm not sure we have a quarterback plan... It is okay... it is the start of our "rebuilding" year(s). We had an excellent run and I am proud of the Ducks!

My news to pass on is happy. One of the panda couples at the San Diego Zoo has done it again, a baby! That makes 3.

Quote 25:
Char 1: Put yourself down for a towel too.
Char 2: What about my bonus?
Char 1: Towel and a facecloth.

November 24, 2007

Ducks play soon...

We need to beat UCLA... Eeeck!

News... both Ole Miss and Nebraska have fired their coaches and Oregon goes for "green" trees.

Quote 24: I usually enjoy my own thoughtfulness.

Go Ducks!

November 23, 2007

I slept 13 hours!

I must have been really tired. I feel better than I have in a while.

I have almost made it through the whole day and haven't purchased a thing! Actually, I haven't left the house.

As far as news goes, no one appears to have died or been injured with the sinking of a liner off of Antartica... something to be thankful for...

Quote 23: Sometimes the truth is painful, Frank.

November 22, 2007

but it's only wafer thin...

I made to much and ATE WAY TO MUCH! My quote for the day is the title...

Among the many things now shoved in my fridge, I have 8 cups of mashed potatoes left. What do you do with 8 cups of mashed potatoes? Suggestions are welcome!

I have been up since 8:30 cooking so I didn't read the news. Maybe tomorrow.

Pumpkin pie from semi-scratch is terrific. Thank you Trader Joe's for your canned pumpkin. It is so far the best canned pumpkin I have found. I just wish they have the vanilla bean paste. I am out and they haven't had it the last couple of times I was in.

Now I am rambling... sorry. Until tomorrow...

November 21, 2007

mmm... pie

So I am preparing for Turkey day. This post will be short. I haven't had time to read the news but did catch in the paper that some teacher got caught trying to sell one of her student's coats on ebay... what? I get that we need to pay our teachers more but that is just lame.

Quote 21:

Char 1: Why won't you give me your phone number? Are you married?
Char 2: No.
Char 1: Are you homeless?
Char 2: No.
Char 1: Are you a drummer?

November 20, 2007

sunny days

well not really... it is actually cold and wet. And apparently not G rated... Sesame Street that is... I just found this article and am a little peeved. That is my news to pass on for today. I feel the need to write someone a letter... grrr.

I did knit some last night but not enough. Instead I watched Ratatouille. It was cute! Good animation too.

Quote 20: Study your math, kids. Key to the Universe.

November 19, 2007

manic monday

Well, manic isn't the right word... let's just say I miss the weekend.

I am halfway done with a large felted bowl in reds. I will post a pic of both bowls when I am done.

My news to pass on today is something that has been irking me for a while. The PS3 hardly has any multi player games. I hate it. I miss the group game night of "insert any mario game name here" terribly. Hopefully more multi player games will be made now that Sony has cut the price for the development kit.

Quote 19: I am redefining weird on an hourly basis.

November 18, 2007

Have I said how much I heart Sunday?

So I got up late did some cleaning but mainly worked with friends on a baby gift for a friend... We had Cherry Cider from Trader Joes's and fresh chocolate chip cookies... ahhh. Now I am trying to finish my second felted bowl of the weekend. Then I will work on the turtle.


News... uh.. none today.

Quote 18: You don't know me, but I know me.

November 17, 2007

Out for the season

So our QB is out for the season but for some reason I can't find word on J Stewart...? How is he?

I knit up a felted bowl last night. They are quick and I needed to finish something. Sometimes my other projects seem to take forever and I need a pick me up.

As for the news, just go outside tonight and look at the sky. You might see something cool.

Quote 17: You rush a miracle man, you get rotten miracles.

November 16, 2007


So... where do I start.

Bad first. Pattern #2 was kindly rejected by knitty but I have plans for it. Well, not the actual it because remember, my dogs ate it. I have plans for the pattern and photos. :)

The Ducks lost. To many injuries. Cursed #2 spot. Whatever. It was a good year anyway. I hope the injured ducks repair and rest.

Good second.
A's photo of me and fetching from the knitty calendar submission was in the honorable mention gallery. Second picture top row!

News for the day... sorry, back to China and now it is bad engineering... Uh... base stability?

Quote 16: Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads.

November 15, 2007

grr arrgh... quack

15 days! I have made it half way.

Ok, news for the day is yuck. I had wanted to go to Serendipity ever since I heard about the frozen hot chocolate... well, to bad for now I have no interest.

Clean up your act man, literally!

I have started a plain hat with Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk in Plum and it will be topped off with a bit of Miski baby llama... soft I tell ya. The rib is k4 p1.

Turtle is slow going. I am not in the mood to knit and pay attention to a pattern. :)

Quote 15: There are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl's complexion.

I am running now to watch the Ducks play at Arizona. Go DUCKS!

November 14, 2007

Wednesday, hump day

30 days of blogging is tough. I am just glad it is almost half over. I don't feel like reading the news today so all I could find to pass on is the story about meat. I do eat meat but this is another reason to be a vegetarian. Making meat pink? ugh. yuck.

Quote 14: I don't want to be alone, I want to be left alone.

November 13, 2007

Mama Mia!

I like games. I play DnD. I love anything with dice. Video games are tougher. I've tried various RPGs but nothin' compares to a good game with Mario and cast. I have had many of the Nintendo machines/games of the past and loved them but we did buy a PS3. LOVE blu-ray. But darn PS3... I want Mario!

Attn: programmers... Netflix still has a $1M prize up for grabs.

Quote 13: Check out the nametag. You're in my world now Grandma.

November 12, 2007

The BCS has Oregon at #2 with Kansas at #3. I have a sneaking suspicion that we will be leap frogged... who has a tougher schedule? blah. "who can fill a stadium?" is the better question.

Knitting is going fine. Turtle is still a turtle and I finally got the stuffing for it. I am debating whether to find a noise maker (rattler) and add it to the turtle... I am also making a hat for a cute baby I know. The hat from One Skein. And last but not least, I am searching for yarn to start a tilted duster. I don't know if I could wear Berroco Peruvia (slight allergic reaction to wool).

News for the day is quick. I wish I was close enough to see this display of photos.

Quote 12: I'm one stomach flu away from reaching my goal weight.

November 11, 2007

a good day to rake leaves

Sundays are so mellow. I ate carrot cake for a late breakfast, raked leaves, and now I can go play. With tomorrow being a holiday I don't feel as pressured to get everything done. That feeling will come tomorrow night.

No news today. Still waitin' for the BCS poll...

Quote 11: Gravity works.

November 10, 2007

frog it

Well, my knitting is going backwards... rip it, rip it. I had to rip out the turtle a week and a half ago and I am just back to where I was. Ugh. The gauge was off just enough so that when I got to stuffing it, the stuffing would show through. It is okay but I just want it done already!

I made carrot cake from scratch yesterday, even the cream cheese frosting... mmmm. 1 pound of carrots. It was fun to run it through the processor and then I had bright orange juice every where... You can imagine my life is super exciting if I am blogging about baking, right? Ha, that'll teach ya! I read cookbooks and bake in my free time. All the other time I am a rogue demon hunter... :)

Quote 10: I'm a rogue demon hunter now.

Oh, one last thing. Winona Ryder cast as Spock's mom in the new Star Trek movie... interesting...

November 9, 2007

take a minute and breathe

First off I'd like to take a moment to pause and reflect... It has been 9 days of posts... ...*moment*...

Ok, done pausing. Yesterday afternoon just sucked. Well, except for Science Pub (more on that later).

First off, a hero/friend of mine has been diagnosed with melanoma. ... Um...

Second, my dogs decided to eat/play tug of war with my latest knit up pattern. They are sooooo lucky that I had already taken the pictures and submitted it for publication. (hmmm... I still haven't heard back on this either, ugh) I still have yarn to make another but freakin' dang it. It is yarn. Not food. WTF? They are in trouble.

Third, I'm on the last disk of Season 3 of Veronica Mars. I am tired of decent tv shows getting the boot and other CRAP playing on tv for decades. Grrr argh. Oh, and to show my support of the Writers Guild go see this and share it with the clueless.

I'm probably not done venting so beware.

Science Pub was good, much better than the last one. Good company, presenter and questions. We don't get a Science Pub in December but come January... one word... volcanology

A happy birthday goes out to AD! Ignore the number and live man.

Quote 9: Humans can't feel anything. They're numb from the brain down.

November 8, 2007

knitty calendar and goodies...

I've been waiting for the calendar to come out! It really is lovely. Amy also sent out the surprise patterns so we have something to tide us over until the next issue.

News for the day is brief. Sex Pistols are starting a mini-tour.

Quote 8: Char 1: Is that your shovel? Char 2: No Char 1: Possession of a stolen shovel…

November 7, 2007

knit toys for the holidays

There is no better year to be crafty. Here is another report of a toy being pulled because it is contaminated. Beware the "made in China" label...


Quote 7: Well, I've wrestled with reality for thirty five years, Doctor, and I’m happy to state I finally won out over it.

November 6, 2007

and the *wands* come out...

Pic from day 1 of Halloween. My work has a fun party every year (this year we had a fantastic magician by the name of Invincible Vincent) and I won for scariest costume. People didn't recognize me either, it was a hoot to dress up... Day 2 of Halloween was the actual Halloween and I'll post a picture of my attempt at "Abby" from NCIS.

The news I feel like passing on is not happy but rather surprising... J.K. Rowling and the maker of the "Harry Potter" films are suing RDR Books (a small publisher in Michigan) over its plans to release a book version of a popular Web site ( Uh... ouch. I don't know the details of this, just what can be read from all sides (author, publisher, J.K. Rowling) but I was pretty suprised to find someone who fights the banning of books banning/halting publication of a book. I look forward to more info on this and a resolution.

As for my quotes, either no one is reading/responding or they are hard... This one goes out to Sarah. Thanks for showing me this flic.

Quote 6: Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops.

Ha, seriously.

November 5, 2007

Is this for real?

Ok, my first reaction to this news was a laugh. Then I wondered... does she type this up herself or is someone doing it for her? I wish I could read more of the Spanish... cool granny.

Quote 5: Mother puss bucket

Sorry, feeling a bit uninspired today. I will try and think of better ones...

November 4, 2007

Go Ducks!

The game yesterday was great. We won. Sorry ASU.

In other contest news, congratulations Technische Universit├Ąt Darmstadt for taking 1st place in the DOE Solar Decathlon! One giant leap for worldkind... or something.

Quote 4: We're all on death's door repeatedly ringing the doorbell, like maniacal girl scouts trying to make quota.

No one guessed yesterday's quote so I'm not going to say where it was from... someone will eventually guess...

November 3, 2007

meeyow... quack, quack

Today I don't have much happy news to report. But that is okay because I am going to the game! Yes, I am a rabid Duck fan and I am going to go and watch them (hopefully) beat Arizona State. I know it is American football and it is a sport. Don't laugh. I also know we are tagged to win (sorry I said lose yesterday) this one. That is the beauty of the ducks, they sometimes surprise you.

Ta ta for now.

Quote 3: I think the trick is laying off the ale before you start quoting Angela's Ashes and weeping like a baby man.

November 2, 2007

Spin that wheel

Hmm... day 2 is a little tougher. The news is sad but I found a happy story.
Today my news to pass on is the story of Maggie the elephant. Thanks to a generous donation from Bob Barker (and many, many others I'm sure) Maggie is now headed for a warmer climate. Safe travels to all those involved.

My quote today is one of my favorite movies and is one of the most romantic quotes that I can think of... don't be upset though, I still have a lot of movies to see!

Quote 2: Char 1: What are you doing? Char 2: I'm ending our friendship.

November 1, 2007

Something this way wicked comes...

Goal: once a day for 30 days post something interesting.

Day 1: Halloween rocks. Although I am generally opposed to sharing candy, especially with strangers, one day a year I will. I had a fantastic bunch of treaters, no tricksters, and a small but delightful get together. Good food and a terrific flic.

My interesting bit of news today caught my eye immediately, well, almost. I noticed an article about 5 million frozen pizzas being recalled because of E. coli and paused a moment to be thankful that the pizza I ate last night was homemade. Then this article caught my eye. WOW! About freakin' time man, July 25 will not get here soon enough. I'll just say it, David Duchovny rocks. You should all take a minute and go listen to the song by Bree Sharp... go ahead, I'll wait...

Oh, I will try to at least post a quote of the day for you to guess.

Quote 1: I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.