November 27, 2007

Is it Friday yet?

I am feeling a bit blah and wishing I had the weekend to sleep. I don't so I will eat some protein and vitamin c and be on my way.

Finally an update on my knitting... I finished the body of the turtle. I don't know that I stuffed it enough though. I think it looks funny so I've got to hurry and finish his limbs and shell. Then he'll be a real turtle. No lie.

News today made me a bit cranky. Word on the street is that Mr. Carson Daly is breaking ranks and taping new shows. *waving finger* That is bad man, very bad. Not funny at all and your a funny man. Unions are not what the used to be and it is worse when you break solidarity... just my opinion...

My quote of the day is a bit different today. Sorry Facebook, you just suck.

Quote 27:
" ... Facebook originally planned to give its users the ability to permanently opt out of having their private purchases made public on Facebook. Facebook evidently removed that option just before launching the new privacy-invading feature. Facebook users who are aware that their private purchases on other websites are being made public on Facebook must now opt out site by site, week by week, month by month. There is no permanent opt-out option -- let alone an opt-in policy."

NaBloPoMo count down: 4 days left (3 posts left)

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