November 30, 2007

In the end, what is there?

30 posts later and what do I have to show for it? Well, I can say that I read more news this month than I have in a long time. Some news was good but most was bad. Did I post deep dark thoughts and feelings to make the blog more interesting? Nope. Will I ever? Maybe...

What is it that makes people spill their guts to the faceless online community? Are we just polluting the internet with useless garble? I have read some funny and interesting blogs this month. I feel almost like I am spying. I've read about people who have had their blogs plagiarized and laughed... is nothing sacred? It is as though you have taken someone's diary and copied it, claiming it yours... why? What do you get out of that?

Will I continue to post at this rate? Maybe, it is something consistent in this hectic world. Funny that my last post for this month is an obit. I am from a rough and dirty little town, Butte, Montana. People there don't have much but they do a lot with what they have. Evel Knievel had guts and with that he entertained many. He will be missed.

Quote 30: I'll be seeing you around...

NaBloPoMo: Last day. Last post. Thanks for the motivation.

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