November 6, 2007

and the *wands* come out...

Pic from day 1 of Halloween. My work has a fun party every year (this year we had a fantastic magician by the name of Invincible Vincent) and I won for scariest costume. People didn't recognize me either, it was a hoot to dress up... Day 2 of Halloween was the actual Halloween and I'll post a picture of my attempt at "Abby" from NCIS.

The news I feel like passing on is not happy but rather surprising... J.K. Rowling and the maker of the "Harry Potter" films are suing RDR Books (a small publisher in Michigan) over its plans to release a book version of a popular Web site ( Uh... ouch. I don't know the details of this, just what can be read from all sides (author, publisher, J.K. Rowling) but I was pretty suprised to find someone who fights the banning of books banning/halting publication of a book. I look forward to more info on this and a resolution.

As for my quotes, either no one is reading/responding or they are hard... This one goes out to Sarah. Thanks for showing me this flic.

Quote 6: Insanity runs in my family. It practically gallops.

Ha, seriously.

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