October 1, 2008

to the theater

Heading to Ashland this Friday to see a play. Finally, I have lived here 10 years and have never seen a play there. I'll be staying at a B&B for the first time too. The play is Comedy of Errors.

I haven't had much free time to knit but those arm warmers will be finished soon. I need to move onto preparing items for the craft sale at work. That is only a couple months away!

I wanted to let you know a friend of mine just started a new site. Bikepacking.net. Check it out.

Blind Pilot made it to CA, riding bikes with their instruments... hee, hee.

I have already made a stuffed pumpkin, roasted the seeds, and wore a turtleneck. Happy October!

Oh, don't forget that Bitty Boo has been out in the world one year!

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