April 5, 2012


We are back from our road trip to Montana and I will post on that soon.

Frankie is officially 6 months old (last Friday). He is laughing, crying, full of raspberries, rolling back and forth, and now he is rocking a bit on his hands and knees. He zooms in his walker and now jumps in a jumper. I swore I wouldn't have a million toys all over but anything that keeps him smiling helps. We had his check up on Tuesday and he is perfect (according to the doctor, not just me!). He is 25th percentile for weight and head and 97th percentile for height. Tall baby!

We were given the go ahead for food so we tried pears and oatmeal. We also tried a mango chunk in a netted holder. He made horrible faces for all three. He also has his own sippy cup now but hasn't figured out how to use it yet. He is riding in the stroller without the car seat too.

No baking or knitting to report on. No Easter plans either.