March 31, 2008

and she marches on...

It is the end of March. Wow.

Work has kicked my butt and I still have one major project that isn't quite done yet. There is one word to describe how I feel right now. Checklist. Create one. Have one. USE ONE.


I designed, knit and gifted a new project but can't really share it with the world yet. I am deciding on what to do with it (submit it for publication or share it on Ravelry or take that nice lady up on her offer to get the items to the folks at the store Twist). I am still working on the arm warmers. They will be lovely but it seems like the are taking forever.

What did you all do for Earth Hour? Crab tacos, avocado salad, homemade Angel Food Cake with homemade lemon curd and blueberries by candlelight... all of this and fun card games with friends. Ahh. Good times.

April looks to be interesting... of the most interest... a new apartment.

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