February 18, 2009

AH! So behind!

I am behind on my blog, Facebook, and email.

Tucson was great. Scott and Paula are fun to hang with and I love sunshine. I love birds and butterflies. Cactus I am neither here nor there about. I dislike old men who laugh at people when the swing their arm into a cactus and cut themselves, all the while saying 'keep your arms in at all times.' Dude, not funny. Do not laugh at other people's pain.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots, both taken by my sweetie Alan. The blue butterfly stayed on my bag for quite a while. The green butterfly was interested in my shoes. I was pretty colorful that day.

In Tucson? Go to Bobo's. Just go. Eat pretty much any breakfast item, especially the apple pancake.

For a more extensive bunch of photos (over 400), check my flickr page.

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