May 2, 2009

Pit Stop

The road has been rainy. Yep, we (KH, LK, Alan and me) are headed to San Francisco. We stopped in Mt. Shasta City last night and stayed at a B&B called the Dream Inn. Nice host and I finally ate eggs benedict for breakfast. It was pretty good but you cannot beat a good waffle. ;)

On the road again we stopped in Corning, CA and tasted some serious olives at the Olive Pit. We picked up some lemon citrus olives, pickled asparagus, butter toffee almonds, and a few other treats. We drove a bit into town and stopped at a tiny Mexican place called La Plaza. Vegetarian burrito won out the taste test, all washed down with some Jaritos.

I am in the car typing this as we drive. We are focused now on not missing the turn off to 505 to head to San Francisco. I will be blogging at our travel blog for the rest of the weekend. Later taters!

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