May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Adam!

He probably doesn't read my blog but o well. I made him a cake. First cake since I left school...

Chocolate chiffon cake, berry mascarpone filling, chocolate buttercream, and chocolate sprinkles on the side.

Hope it tastes good! I'll post reviews once I hear back.


  1. I got to have a slice after the kids had theirs. It turned out awesome! Very tasty! I loved the filling and the frosting was great too.

  2. This was the BEST CAKE EVER.
    I'm late with this comment, but still have to document that Adam ate the cake and then prostrated himself on the ground in front of Misty, to honor her. (He's the only 13-year old I know who can really appreciate the difference between a FAN-tastic homemade cocoa cake and a box of Betty Crocker, right?)