June 16, 2010

and it is over

So the big bash is over, family and friends came and went safely, and now Alan and I can get in to our routine. I finally finished my shawl, just in time but I think I will take out the bind off and do it again. It seems to have a weird curl to the edge.

The pattern is called Ishbel, from the Whimsical Little Knits collection of patterns. I really enjoyed the pattern, although I did have to restart it several times. My stitch markers wouldn't stay put and I wasn't paying attention to the center YOs.

The yarn is Wollmeise 100% supermerino in Frosch. I love this color and this yarn. It is so unbelievable to knit with and to wear. I have several skeins of it and I can't wait to knit it up. It is near impossible to get your hands on any and it is a pretty penny.

I am working on another Ysolda Teague pattern, it is a gift so I won't say which pattern. I like how the patterns are written. Easy enough for me to follow and really lovely end product. I am using another skein of the Wollmeise 100%. I might never be able to knit with any other yarn after Wollmeise. :)

Baking has been slow. Alan and I did make bagels the other day... sea salt and sesame seeds... mmm tasty. Add to it some chive and onion cream cheese and you have an even bigger tasty. I am working up my courage to try out some cupcakes. Hopefully soon, I am craving a good cuppy cake.


  1. those bagels look fab! And the Ishbel is so pretty - I've done a few of them and the pattern never ceases to charm. Congrats on your recent marriage - hope there's many years of cupcake-enjoying ahead of you both! :o)

  2. the shawl is beautiful!!