November 11, 2011


Following suit of some dear folk (Ali & Emily), I've decided to post 11 thoughts/wishes/hopes...

  1. Happiness and continued good health for Frankie. Can you believe he is 6 weeks old?!
  2. To support and love Alan as we continue to enjoy our life together! :)
  3. A safe and peaceful holiday season for all my family.
  4. For those out there going through change, you will come out the other side better for it.
  5. Thankful to those who have served our country, by choice or necessity.
  6. Grateful for a home and all the trimmings.
  7. Proud of my mom for taking care of herself.
  8. Impressed by my little sister and all she has turned out to be... happy she has EB and her boys.
  9. Lucky for reconnecting with my mom's family...
  10. Missing friends and bubble tea...
  11. I hope that dance lessons are in my future... a girl can dream!

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