December 19, 2011

Baking storm!

Sunday was the start of our holiday baking and candy making. Oatmeal Scotchies are the favorite of this house but every year I always try to make a new kind of cookie. This year I made two new ones, Cinnamon M&M Chip (based on the Tollhouse recipe but using Cinnamon M&Ms) and Chocolate Mint Chip.

 Many pounds of butter, cups of sugar, and dashes of cinnamon later, we had on our hands 39 1/2 dozen cookies. Scooped by non other than Alan and me. I have never made that many cookies all at once. It doesn't hurt that I have 2 awesome ovens, each with 4 racks, and 9 cookies sheets to make the process slick. Frankie, who supervised, was plumb tuckered out by the end.

We then tried out our new FoodSaver and shipped some off to my mom, gram, and sister. Hopefully they arrive as fresh as when they left! I expect full reports dear family. :)

Next up, caramels and candy canes! I even hope to get to some cheesecakes before the week is out. Wish me luck!

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