May 24, 2012

Horses and bunnies

Frankie has a favorite toy/animal. It is Ro Cat. He laughs at her when she is cleaning herself. He cries when she leaves the room. She is going to love when he starts crawling. She doesn't even meow at him when he grabs her fur so we are ok so far. She is going to have to pick up the pace and we will be more watchful. Mobility is incredible.

I have a favorite candy right now, cinnamon bunnies. It is a phase, I'll be over it as soon as I eat too many.


  1. We need to have Frankie meet Ben the Bunny and see what he thinks of a rabbit. We will have to visit, I would love to see Daphne and the cat. And I am glad that someone else loves cinnamon bunnies!

    1. Yes, yes, and yes! Let's arrange a meet the bunny, meet the cat day!