April 9, 2013


I write this now knowing this is personal. Maybe too personal. I haven't said much about this to many but I need it out there. Maybe I will look back on it later and I won't be so sad or angry.

The place I worked in Oregon was a great place. Mostly kind, good people and good benefits. A group of people that really cared about things like helmets. They would basically pay you (through special funds) to buy a helmet to wear when riding a bike. I loved it and took advantage of it. I wear a helmet when riding a bike, it is a no-brainer. Do they help? I don't know, I am not an expert. But really, do they hurt? I cannot imagine they hurt. I am open to reading, researching, and understanding this better so inform away.

In Utah, I see a lot of folks who do not wear a helmet. It drives me bonkers. Especially when I see kids with no helmets. Or parents on bikes with no helmets even though the kid has one. As most of you know, I was in an accident when I was 10. Drunk driver, a bicycle, a 10 year old, and no helmet is a recipe for many years of pain. The guy that hit me was in jail for less than 2 hours because he had a heart condition. He died before we went to trial, liver failure I think. And to this day, I still cannot ride a bike without remembering every single bit of that experience. Hospitals, doctors, pills, and years of bills was a huge burden on my family.

Side rant:

Drunk drivers are attempting murder in my book. Sorry. No way around it. We know what happens to a human when they drink. We know what you need to operate machinery safely. Drinking and operating machinery do not mix. You as a drinker, already suffering the effects, cannot begin to be able to safely make the call of whether you can operate a car on X number of drinks. Don't do it. Don't guess. Don't just do it once. No excuses.

End of side rant.

My sister called me Monday. The kind of call where she kept calling until I picked up. When it kept ringing I realized I better wake up and answer. My Uncle C was in an accident on Easter night.

Details... I cannot begin to understand this. This that my family has had so much experience with.

He was not wearing a helmet. NOT wearing a helmet.

He was on a motorcycle. Going fast. Free range area. There was a cow in the road.

A life flight, a female figure from my past that lies to get on the life flight, and days later. He is still in the induced coma. There are multiple fractures, including a skull fracture. A punctured lung. So far no response. We also cannot find a living will. So much pain.

He has a little girl. My youngest cousin. She is 8. What a mess. 

I am trying to think this through. My Uncle C has always been able to remind us all of what not to do in life. I keep thinking, what is the problem here? Would the helmet mess up your hair? Do you need more examples of what happens without one? Did you just forget it? Do you even own one?

I have said this before and it crushes me now with complete despair. When you don't wear a helmet you must understand that your family will be the ones dealing with the aftermath of an accident. You will likely not comprehend much after the damage is done.

Please, not just for you, but for those around you. Wear a helmet.

I promise something on the lighter side soon. Hug your family.

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  1. I am so sorry, Misty. What a tragedy.

    Thank you for sharing. I hope so much he recovers.