December 28, 2007

deleted a post

I was in a foul mood. I shouldn't post when angry.

So... long time since I have posted. December has been interesting. Work is good. I started a check list of tasks so I could start crossing things off. It helps me see that I actually do something and that I can finish something. It was rough going for a while there.

I taught a knitting class for kids. There were seven total ranging from 6-13 years old. I learned that you should never put out 2 large boxes of sugary cookies and a large bowl of punch without setting limits. I don't have kids or hang around them at all so the limit thing I completely missed. They ate all the cookies and drank all the punch... it was only a 2 1/2 hour class... I think they all learned something and by the end they all had at least 3 rows completed. I feel bad about sending home with that much sugar in their bodies...

I finished the turtle and gifted him at the baby shower. I also made the cake for the baby shower. Pictures coming soon!

On a sad note... a good friend moved back to Germany. Blah. Nothin' to say 'bout that.

I am madly knitting a scarf that is like the never ending project and wondering what the hell I am thinking... Though I have knit in one evening what took me about 9 months to do before...

I found out today the Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. Ugh. Corrupt or not, no one should die like that... not fighting for simple things that most of the people on the planet take for granted...

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