January 1, 2008

Another year gone

So... 2007. A quick review couldn't hurt...

Some of the good:

* My friends rock. 'nough said.
* I had a knitting pattern published in Magknits.
* My photo made it to the honorable mention gallery of the Knitty Calendar Photo Contest.
* My job was/continues to be challenging and entertaining.
* I received volunteer of the year AND was elected to the Board of Directors.
* My first year as co-coordinator of a crew for the Oregon Country Fair didn't go so badly.
* I went to Canada.
* Science Pub!
* I taught several knitting classes, including one for kids.
* I can now admit that I love the rain.
* I've learned that sometimes it is ok to be selfish and do things to make myself happy.

Some of the bad:

* AF wrecked on his bike and it wasn't pretty. 11 months later and he finally has teeth again.
* My computer hard drive went *&$^% and I only had some things backed up... ugh.
* I didn't see any of my relatives, not even my brother or sister.
* One of my dogs got really sick and almost died because of a clueless vet. Don't worry, she is alright now thanks to Bush Animal Hospital!

Ok, getting irritated so enough of that...

I rang in the New Year in Portland. Thank you Pink Martini for a fantastic show. Thank you Voodoo Donuts for a wonderful midnight treat...

Plans for 2008? Well... you'll just have to stay tuned... it could be very interesting...

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