January 27, 2008

what happens when...

As I asked in my previous post, could life get any better?


My Sunday started out like so...

I woke up to a lovely snow day. It never snows in Eugene. Ahhh beautiful! The only bad thing was that we canceled knitting group.

After trying to waste away the day reading a book and well, knitting without the gang, I decided to venture out and go to my favorite bakery...

mmm... potato donuts...

I discover that Hideaway Bakery now has indoor seating! We can know knit in the cold!

Continuing on with my Sunday adventure...

Now I am completely happy and full of coffee and donuts. We decide to check out the home and garden show at the fairgrounds. I couldn't tell the difference between this one and the last oh, 3 shows but anyway...

After the fairgrounds we decide we better head for Jerry's (to do somethings around the house) and then Costco...

Here ist he interesting part... Just as we are about to reach Jerry's we pass under Beltline Hwy (we are on Hwy 99) and out of the corner of my right eye I see very large chunks of snow and ice falling from above. Thank goodness AF was driving because he managed to stay on the road as it all came down on our windshield and hood. Here are the results!

We managed to flag the snowplow driver down as he was exiting by Jerry's. Monday will be spent contacting ODOT (who really do a fantastic job, seriously). We then had to drive all the way home.

Every drop of water, every breath and little chunks of the windshield fell onto the dashboard. I swear I laughed all the way home thinking it was just going to fall into my lap!

No injuries but definitely shaken.

Ha, I heart Sunday still.


  1. Glad you're both okay. Tell Arron to stop having vehicular accidents of various kinds!

  2. Holy crap! I didn't know anyone had a snowplow out this far south.

  3. Yes it is weird that they need a snowplow in Eugene. It is obvious by the state of the roads (still) that snow is a freak phenom. Growing up in snow, this is nothing. ;)