October 31, 2010


Blah. Tired now.

Menu Halloween 2010

Butternut squash and caramelized onion pizza (Beehive Parm out of Uintah, UT is tasty!)
Medjool dates stuffed with goat cheese, wrapped in basil, and wrapped in proscuitto
Mango Chutney Dip with fritos (thanks Kathy!)
Pumpkin butter with 'bone' breadsticks
Mummy dogs
Cheese leaves and crackers
Sweet and salty pumpkin seeds and garlic pumpkin seeds
Caramel apples
Popcorn Balls
Blood orange soda
Ghost mallows

Alan and I dresses up as Mario and Luigi. Grandma Roma, Cindy, and Ali joined us and the tots. We had Mary Poppins and Burt, a unicorn, a super Owen, a pumpkin witch, a green witch, and an Air Force Sgt.

What did you all serve/do?

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