October 19, 2010


Day 2 of adjustment is going ok. We ended up getting up at 5:30 this morning. Not normal for me but I took advantage of the early hours and made apple cheddar scones fresh for breakfast. The recipe was posted on a blog I follow, Smitten Kitchen. I think the recipe ended up a bit wet for me so I might reduce the cream a tad and chill them once cut to see if I can't get more rise out of them. I also think I might reduce the apples but I can't decide. They taste pretty good but I want more cheese flavor to balance out the apples tartness.

We picked up our first box from our first CSA last night. I am so excited! We signed up for the Fall/Early Winter Share that will go to the end of November. We signed up with Bell Organic out of Draper. David and Jill are super nice and were very helpful when I was researching CSAs early on.

The first box had a bag of mixed salad greens, a bag of arugula, a head of cabbage, kale, turnips with greens, 6 large tomatoes, and a bunch of purple dragon carrots. It all smelled so fresh and I can't wait to use it.

We used some of the greens already on BLTs last night. I plan on making meatball and kale soup with the kale. The cabbage will be peanut curry bacon slaw and stir fry. The turnips are going to be made into a turnip gratin and be served with some opah fish. I am not sure about the arugula. It isn't my favorite but I intend to eat it! The tomatoes are always used in salads or just for eating. I am not sure what to do with the turnip greens though. I'm looking into recipes.
The carrots had to be my favorite part of the whole box. They have a dark purple skin but are orange flesh. They are crisp and have so much better of a flavor than store bought. I might just eat them all fresh!

And the other good news is that our pork is ready this Saturday too. Mmmmm.... bacon! Hopefully our beef is soon too.

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