June 29, 2011

Construction zone

Summer has definitely started and the weather has been nice and warm here in SLC. Alan, his parents, and I have been keeping busy with the new house and its many projects. We haven't moved in yet but once we get a few things done we will.

Here are some before and during-demo pictures...

Outside front
Front living area/dining room (before the demo work)

The kitchen before the demo work (the counters are linoleum floor tiles, yuck)
The soon to be nursery! LOVE the cubby holes!

Lovely red oak under all that yucky grey carpet!!!

One of the four layers under the kitchen floor...

Another layer under the kitchen floor...

Lovely retro swirl... :)

 I'm trying to get together some pictures of what our plans are for the kitchen. I'll show you all some cabinets, counters, and tile ideas. Yay! Projects!

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  1. What a lovely home! It looks like your under a lot of work on it too! It was lovely meeting you at the photography conference. I hope to meet up with you again sometime!!