July 9, 2011

Plate to Pixel Food Photography Workshop

I like to take pictures but have never had a inkling of any training. I picked up a camera and started on auto settings. After many years, I worked my way to manual settings and I'm still figuring things out. My gram (a very talented painter and photographer) always warned me to find my own style for images before I let any one muddy the waters so I always avoided taking any classes.

But then came a food blog, a lovely food blog. Hélène Dujardin, who blogs as Tartelette, showed me that you can make beautiful things and then show them in a medium that makes them even more appealing. A brief snippet of a perfect crust or berry saved for the ages... what a nice thought.

I nearly lost my cookies when I read on her blog that she was going to be in Salt Lake City. She was kicking off her Plate to Pixel tour with a class, a very small class. I bit the bullet and signed up (Shirley came too).

I am sooooo glad I did! The group was so nice and everything Hélène covered was so helpful. I was happy with the book. But hearing things in person and being able to see an example/setup, well, that cannot be beat. The organizer, foodiecrush, did a great job. The location, food, and treat bag were perfect!

I snapped a few shots, nothing fancy but I hope that with my new ideas I can bring some great shots to the blog.

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