July 26, 2011

House stuff

Well, the house is still not ready but things are moving along... While I cannot set up the nursery yet, I thought it would be fun to share some stuff we have for it.

Here is the general plan:

Now here are some of the actual items:

The crib is the actual crib but the changing table is different (kindly passed down from Shirley, Brian, and the tots).

The room will be painted a slate blue with a bit of muted yellow trim. The curtains are yellow and I am making (trying to make) a tie up shade out of this fabric:

Shirley helped me find the fabric yesterday so I am super excited! We have a lot of toys and stuff already but here are a couple that I found that I can't wait to put in the cubby holes:

These are wood with safe, non-toxic paint and I found them on Etsy. The store is Imagination Kids. I am still looking at the toy helicopter. Just can't decide on what color!  :)

I will have some pictures of the house and the current state of affairs soon. Painting, walls, and soon carpet, oh my!

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