June 23, 2012

Oh Martha...

I noticed this project in an old Martha Stewart magazine. I tore out the page so I can't be sure which month but I think it was last September. Anyway, here is what you need:

1. Spray the tiles the color you want your lace to be first. I chose Lagoon. Wait 20 or so minutes until dry. If you want your tile color to show through as your lace color then skip this step and proceed.

2. Spray the lace bit with spray adhesive and place on tile. Use tweezers to fiddle with lace to get it straight.
3. Spray over the lace with your next color. I went with matte gold. Wait at least 3 minutes before you remove your lace piece. I found I could reuse the lace with spray adhesive 4 times before it got 'blurry.' Let dry 20 or so minutes before moving.
4. I found some rubber feet to put on the bottom of the tiles so they won't scratch furniture. I am betting you could use cork or large felt pieces too.

Enjoy your new tiles!

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