June 14, 2012

Spring time in the city...

When Aunt Shirley left town, we got together to work on some projects to surprise her. Tiny guy napped and played. It was quite a time! Alan sanded a table. Miss CJ climbed trees. Frankie had some Grandma time. Now that it is full on summer, it seems so long ago that this day happened.

My knitting class is over and I'm just about finished with my knit t-shirt. Little guy has been crawling for two weeks and he is sitting himself up so well. He is just getting the hang of pulling himself up my legs so other objects are not far off.

Our trip to the Pacific Northwest went well. Tiny is quite a traveler. We are taking a bit of a break but are planning to head north to Montana soon to meet with Kirbie, EB, and the boys! Posts on the travel blog soon.

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