February 20, 2008


I visited my 'second home' from when I was an undergrad today. I used to be the Program Manager for a resource center on the campus of my school. Since I graduated, they have remodeled the space. I remember goofy, comfy chairs... movie nights, laughing with my friends as I tried to learn various languages... my boss at the time was so kind to let me experiment with various events and programs to get people involved and talking about their cultures... I packed a room with 103 college students on a Friday night who just wanted to watch Amelie... popcorn... Friday 4-6 coffee socials... For 4 years I made great friends, world connections and found out that I truly love to plan things. I am getting all flustered remembering how much fun I had.

Today I walked up those stairs and entered a room of a different sort. No smiling faces... no laughing language groups... no big screen with the faint smell of popcorn in the air... my boss is no longer there behind her desk with her fantastic African art pieces... no goofy, comfy chairs. No more film festivals or international art shows... stark and cold.

Things change I guess...

Tonight I will look up and just remember the good. Magid, Anne, Siska, Emily, Alex, Kaz, Sarah and Michael... I miss you guys! Thanks for the memories.

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  1. We looked up last night, too! A geologist here let us know it was happening and Michael and I went out as it started and a bit toward the end. Maybe we were all looking up at about the same time (very "Somewhere Out There" from An American Tail).

    I miss you too! I know Michael was reading your DnD blog yesterday. I miss our 80s nights and gaming! But I keep checking in on ya, babe, even when I don't comment!