February 15, 2008

W00t Science Pub!

This week was the much anticipated topic of "What's Love Got To Do With It: Sex for Social Bonding in Bonobos" presented by Dr. Frances White. First off, she is a fantastic speaker. Very knowledgeable and a PowerPoint presentation that doesn't suck. It actually fit in the screen with no weird overlap and boxes. (jeesh, take time to look at your own presentations. If you are giving a presentation, I don't care if it is ugly and boring, don't have weird inconsistent font and overlapping boxes.)

I did take most of my Anthropology classes (including Dr. White's class on the Evolution of Human Sexuality) a while ago so I was a bit nervous about the trivia. We (my peeps) have just been trying for a prize for a while with no luck. Wednesday was a good night though. The food at Adam's/Luna was great, the wait staff good, the crowd polite, Amanda had good screens and working equipment (totally typical for equipment to not work when you need it to so we don't blame her at all), AND I finally answered enough trivia for a prize!!! 8 of 10 right. The questions I missed... How many words does Kanzi have in his vocab? Answer: 500. I guessed 350. How frequently do bonobos have offspring? Answer: Every 2 years. I don't know why but I thought 5 years.

What did I win? A book about Lonesome George: The Life and Loves of a Conservation Icon! How cool is that?! What a hoot.

Next month, Ted Fremd will present on the topic "
Bringing Fossils to Life at the John Day Paleontology Museum."

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