September 27, 2009

Long and Winding road yarn

Even though we are leaving very soon for Euro 3 (third trip to Europe), we took a very nice trip to Portland for La Boheme and IKEA this weekend. We also managed to get in a visit to the Japanese Garden.

Why IKEA again you might ask? Well, we were in search of a cabinet for storing linens and bottles of sorts AND a yarn winding station.

Yes. A yarn winding station that is in the form of a trestle with a shelf. Vika Artur is the name of the item. Here is someone else's picture as an example.

HERE IS A PICTURE OF MINE! I PUT IT TOGETHER THIS MORNING! I even caked a hank of Malabrigo Aquarella in the Solis colorway. This is for Alan's neckwarmer.

Isn't that just clever? I never know where to put each piece and you can only hold it for so long. Try winding 2,000 yards of yarn while holding the winder. Crazy!


  1. Wow - I didn't even know that IKEA had such a thing - very cool.

    I just purchased your bitty boo pattern - which is just too cute - and I had a small question so I came over here to see if I could get more info. I will send you a email in ravelry.

    Very nice blog - love the layout. Good luck with all of your new endeavors!

  2. We'll be stopping in at Ikea on our way back home from St. George next week for sure. Awesome idea! Thanks for the photo. It looks great!