October 25, 2009


We carved! We visited Northern Lights Christmas Tree farm yesterday. The field was full of wet, moldy, rotten pumpkins so we were nervous we wouldn't get good pumpkins. They charge a $5 fee and you have to pay for the pumpkins on top of that. Not a good deal, the pumpkins were not great, and one of the 3 did not have a single seed. Whaaat! I love my roasted seeds so this was tragic. The biggest pumpkin had no seeds. Turns out that you can get a pumpkin from Market of Choice, it is from a local farm called Me & Moore, it looked more orange, it was cheaper in terms of cents/pound, and no cover charge.

We also picked up a white Casper pumpkin at Gray's. A good deal with my Gray bucks.

Anyway, enjoy the pumpkins we carved. From left to right we have Ubi Recreated, Tiki Man, Jack's cousin John de'Lantern, and Ro's flying mouse.


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