October 20, 2009

Ha, great timing

I hurt my foot. Yep, at the beginning of September. I didn't want to bother with going to a doctor before I went to Europe so I ignored it.

Dumb. I walked all over Europe with a stress fracture. Now wonder it hurt so bad.

Silly me.

Knitting on the trip was also fun. I had made it to chart A on my Ishbel in Frosch only to discover several mistakes halfway back. I had to frog it and start over. Negative knitting.

I did manage to finish Alan's neckwarmer AND find terrific buttons for it. There was a market in Juelich and the nice lady didn't speak English but when I brought the neck warmer there and pointed to the buttons she smiled and found the perfect ones. Such a wonderful yarn, Malabrigo Aquarella.
I am now just trying to readjust to time here. Here is a link to the pictures from the trip.

As for the picture I talked about in the previous post, it looks like it is real. Alan took some pictures of my Mrs. Beeton wristwarmers from Knitty and I submitted some photos to the calendar contest. One of them was selected and will be in the calendar!!! Even better that I think that it will be the picture for the month of May. Why is that so cool? Well, Alan's birthday (30th), our wedding, and my birthday (30th) all fall in May 2010!!! I will keep you all posted because I know you will want to purchase a calendar. Hee, hee.

I am so proud of Alan and am so grateful that he doesn't mind my hobby and the cupboard of crazy yarn that grows but never seems to shrink.


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