November 17, 2009

The City of Roses

Hello all from Portland. We are here for a conference and school stuff. We finally found an apartment so I have a place to live while attending culinary school. Let me just say finding an apartment is hard enough without the scammers on craigslist. It is rude and all you scammers suck. Credit report scams are mean and can have a really negative impact on people's credit. Alan is the brains of this operation and noticed right away the fishyness, so there! No scamming us!

If we get the apartment (waiting on background checks), we are about 2 blocks from my school. It is a nice but small apartment and we would love to have guests. :)

I had my entrance interview and uniform fitting yesterday. Yikes! Orientation is soon.

I met with a nice lady about the wedding flowers and was really impressed with her and her ideas. I still have some time to look and decide but she is a top contender.

Knitting is slow going. I am still working on Ishbel in Frosch 100% Wollmeise. So far, no mistakes!

Last night we ate sushi at a place called 'Bamboo.' They serve sushi made with sustainable fish. Very cool! It was tasty and very chic. We tried the I Heart Unago roll and the Northwest Philly.

This morning we had breakfast at the hotel restaurant, 'The Original.' I had crème brûlée french toast. They soak brioche in crème brûlée and then pan fry it. Then they sprinkle it with sugar and torch it. It was so fluffy and very tasty!

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