December 10, 2009

Love your dough

The apartment in Portland is different. The view from our apartment building roof top is sweet and the lobby right now is decorated with huge, lush poinsettias and they even have a wrapping table with supplies so people can wrap holiday gifts. I miss my yarn cabinet but it is exciting to live in a city with multiple (YES MULTIPLE) cupcake shops! Also, Escape from New York Pizza is literally 10 minutes walking distance.

Today was day one in pastry school. I was nervous but really excited. The Chef for this term is funny and nice. Ha, I forgot my scale. It is sitting down by the mixers in the student lounge. :)

How was it you ask? Crazy. We hadn't even got through inspection of our tool kits and we had 2 injuries (not me!), one requiring a call to mom and dad for a quick visit to urgent care. The knives are so sharp, shiny, and new...

The kit, an collection of lovely tools... chef, bread, and paring knife, zester, measuring spoons and cups, calculator, scale (that I left, jeesh), a vegetable peeler, and piping tips. I do need to add a few things, a microplane, a parisian scoop, a bench scrapper, and a bowl scrapper.

We did get in the kitchen a bit. We learned where all the supplies are and then we practiced measuring out stuff for recipes (my table had corn muffins and butter bread). Chef then tried a couple of the recipes that were measured out to just show us a bit of process. She mixed up the whole wheat rolls and butter bread. The rolls we quick proofed (too much, oops) and then they baked for a bit. They were ok tasting but not great. The butter bread was left to proof overnight. We then learned all about cleaning up our spaces. You could eat off those counters!

Anyway, I think we get to make pizza tomorrow but I am not sure. I will let ya'll know. The best news, we can bring cameras. In fact, they encourage it so we can see just how much we progress over the time we are here.


  1. You look great in your uniform! Impressive collection of cooking implements! I had to look up the the microplane and parisian scoop. Nice stuff! Thanks for the update!

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