December 11, 2009

Knuckles bleed less

Day 2 done. Today was a knife skills demo and PIZZA! Not your LQP here, no sirry bob. We could put anything we wanted on our pizza. First we mixed up the dough and while it bulk fermented, we got the toppings ready. I went with yellow and green peppers, mushrooms, red onion, fresh basil, and a garlic cream sauce. And on top of that, BACON. Chef H brought out a giant box of bacon and one of the other students put it in a pan, oh the smell is heavenly. Other folks had zucchini, goat cheese, potatoes, pepperoni, Canadian bacon... Next time, anchovies!

It is all kind of a blur but I think I have it down...

-Formula (recipe)-
bulk ferment
Punch down
scale and shape

My table mates are all so fun. High school grad, ex-Marine, and more. Everyone in class just wants to bake. There are only 12 of us so it is a great size class. Not crowded, enough ingredients, just feels safe. Here are some pictures from the day. Note, the perfect round pizza with all vegetables is not mine. I had to take a picture of the perfection though. ;)

We also got to watch the process for a baguette and breadsticks. The Chef from the advanced pastry student section kept coming in with fancy stuff like angel food cake and cheesecake, I wanted to cry. Later, Chef H was packing up cupcakes, yes cupcakes, for something else and when there was leftovers, I missed them. They were claimed on the other side of the room and I didn't even see it.


I did get a picture of the cupcakes that got away. I am not above bribing Chef H. She mentioned her favorite food is pancakes... I have a certain spiced pancake mix that is super tasty that I want to figure out how to make myself anyway...

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