December 11, 2009


Yippee, I made it to Friday! My legs and feet definitely are not used to this. Standing. My hands are cracked from so much washing, washing, and washing.

Today we reviewed the history of baking and the teacher demonstrated some sauces. Caramel, chocolate, and crème anglaise... mmm... tasty.

The caramel was totally different than how I normally make it. I only take it to 245 degrees (ish) and it is with the cream in it... Hm. I wonder what I am making.

The chocolate sauce is pretty simple and very tasty. It is interesting how shiny it is in the end.

The best sauce was the crème anglaise. I have never had it. Only four ingredients but so good I wanted to cry! I am so glad we got to bring home samples AND that the Level 2 pastry students made angel food cake and shared. :)

Chef WW also did a demo of how to make a coronet. As part of our skill checks, we have to make 12 coronets. I could not for the life of me, make one without a hole in the bottom. Grr. Must practice. Dang, I should have brought home potatoes and parchment!!!

Alan treated me to a slice of week 1 done/celebratory pie at our favorite pizza joint, Escape from New York Pizza. It was perfect.

Have a good weekend all. Watch out for those ice pellets.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the first week! Those sauces sound yummy - especially the chocolate one. Rest up this weekend.