July 24, 2012

Sweet Swirls

Decided to try the Meringue Swirls from the May 2012 Martha Stewart magazine. They looked pretty but didn't taste so good. I tried the recipe TWICE and wasted all that vanilla bean.


I will try again but with a different recipe.

The little man is keeping us on our toes. Not sleeping through the night anymore so now we look like the exhausted parents of a (almost) 10 month old. He is crawling all over, standing up and sitting down and standing again, and he did take one and a half steps. Not really 'walking' but dang close! He enjoys brushing his one tooth and at his last appointment the doctor told us to 'lay on the butter.' He gets ice cream after every meal now. YAY!


  1. If only we all had the orders to eat ice cream at every meal! I'm glad Frankie likes brushing his tooth! Daphne liked it when we used the finger mitt but she hates her big girl toothbrush! (The swirls do look beautiful!)

    1. Yes, it would be lovely to get ice cream after every meal and not worry about everything lathered in butter... ;)