July 14, 2012

The Table - Done!

Well, the table is done and in use. We have had several meals sitting at it and it fits perfect. I'm not sure my hands/wrists/arms will ever recover from fabric stretching and stapling all 8 chairs. I think it was worth it though!

Picture from Start at Home
She sells furniture, go see!
Also, we got lucky and found a hutch to store some of my milk glass pieces in.  This is the photo the nice lady (Brooke) posted on KSL classifieds. I have it loaded up with too many pieces so I'll need to cut down on my collection. How we managed to find a hutch that goes with the table in style and color, I'll never know!

The finds so far this summer are awesome!

Table stats:
Found at a garage sale
Repainted by Josie at The Old Flamingo
Chairs reupholstered by me

Hutch stats:
Found on KSL classifieds
Painted by Brooke at Start at Home
Filled with my cake stand collection

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