January 5, 2010

apple strudel

Well, I am back in class after a much needed break. The pace did not let up and we cranked out a few more items on Monday.

Chef demoed strudel and cannoli. The strudel is very fun. We worked on it as a group and stretched it super thin with just our floured knuckles. It was so thin you could see through it! Then we buttered it, filled it with cinnamon, sugar, apples, raisins and bread crumbs and baked it. The kitchen smelled so good with all that strudel baking off! Sorry Denise, there was no banging the dough around. :)

The cannoli were interesting. I have never had one but traditionally they are made with either white or red wine and the dough is rolled really thin through a pasta machine. Then it is cut out in circles, put on a cannoli form, and deep fried. Then we fill it with a ricotta, chocolate, pistachio, orange zest filling and dip one end in chocolate and one end in pistachios. We only got the dough and filling ready on Monday, today we will fry some up!

The lemon pound cake that I baked off and froze before break so I could get it tested for skill check, was good and passed. I am going in early to catch up on some things today. I need to get scones and corn muffins checked off. I also need to practice crepes!

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