January 10, 2010

such a tart

Friday, end of week 3. Weird.

I went in early to try those blasted corn muffins again. This time I only stirred the mixture 7 times. Baked them off and STILL there was tunneling. Chef and I cut into every muffin and did find 3 that were minimum so she finally gave in and passed me. THEY ARE DONE!!! Just have to work on crepes now and I am caught up.

In class we worked on the hardest dough yet, by hardest I mean, most difficult to work with. Pâte sucrée, tart dough, is mainly butter and very sweet. I really, really like the taste. ;)

We used it to make two different tarts. A fresh fruit tart and a caramel nut tart. I didn't want to rush myself at the end of the night so I just worked on the fresh fruit tart. It is the pâte sucrée baked in a tart tin. Then once it is cool, fill it with pastry cream. Then cover all of the pastry cream with fresh fruit. Then glaze the fruit with an apricot glaze to set it.

Here is the tart dough baked off and filled with a vanilla pastry cream.

I decided to decorate with oranges and blood oranges. Here is my tart finished.

I gave half of it away to some culinary students, another chef, and then took 1/2 of it for the ride back to Eugene. I gave Alan one bite and I ate the rest of it. I couldn't stop. It was so good. Now, I just feel guilty. I should have given more of it away!

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  1. I got two bites actually, one with the regular oranges and one with the blood oranges. So tasty! I'd have eaten more, but I'd just had pizza and was busy driving.