January 20, 2010


Seems as of late, my life is full of lists. A list of school things to do, places to go, wedding things to do...

Today was makeup day. Everyone's last chance to get stuff checked off. We should get our grades for the section tomorrow. The test was a shocker. I did well. Yep, 91% (B+). Not to shabby. I am most proud of my checklist. All that going in early and staying late paid off. I had every item checked off!!! Here is a picture with the very last item, a whole wheat roll.

The other thing I worked on today was yeast donuts. The dough for this is pretty weird. It is thick and you cut it into circles and then cut out the center (doughnut holes!). They proof for a bit and then you fry them. The group decided on a maple glaze and who could pass up bacon? Yep, I slapped on some tasty, thick fried bacon. Bacon and maple, on a fried doughnut. Tasty. The picture is blurry as I took it with my cell phone.

Tomorrow is the day for new groups and new lists. Yikes.


  1. Congratulations on the test! Wow, that is quite a list of check-off items! Good work!

  2. One of Misty's classmates told me that she (Misty) is "top of the class". I believe her!

    These maple bacon donuts put Voodoo to shame.