January 20, 2010

Test Tuesday

Me and tests... we aren't generally compatible. Yet, I have to take them. Today we had our first test, tomorrow (Wednesday), is make up day in the kitchen and then Thursday we get a whole new skill check list and the biggest shake up, new group members. I really like my table mates. I don't want to change!!!


In the kitchen, after the test, we worked on bagels, pretzels, and glazed donuts. I don't know how I did on anything as I didn't get anything checked off in time tonight but I did bring home a couple bagels and a pretzel for Alan to try. He took the picture when I realized I forgot to take any today. :)

Tomorrow I will fry my donuts and glaze them, glaze them with maple. And maybe I will add some bacon. Maybe I should just go to Voodoo Donuts...

The power of voodoo (who do?) you do (do what?) remind me of the babe... ha, sorry. Lost myself.

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